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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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starting november twenty fifth on. this is the news live from broadway in italy in the european union on a collision course with the european commission rejects the latest version of its least twenty nine hundred budget which the country's populist government says it will defend so what happens next we'll bring you the latest from brussels also on the program. germany's chancellor defends her migration policy on the united nations migration popped into parliament with opposition parties accusing them
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ackles government of failing to tackle the country's problems. i'm concentration camp in northern germany in the world for science from a small memorial there's not much left to mock the sights of the count one of the last survivors has been told to do about like that. i'm for welcome to the program the european commission has rejected the latest draft of italy's budgets opening the door to disciplinary proceedings including significant fines for a row and a freeze on the e.u. funding the country's populist government has been at loggerheads with brussels over its spending plans for months rome argues it needs to stimulate the economy and offer the italian some rest after years of austerity but brussels says italian spending is out of control and what is of the size of the country's proposed.
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deficit could spark another debt crisis that couldn't go the entire european union . in brussels welcome gale so the taliban say here's a homework a you have master says not good enough what happens now. well fifty officially the excessive deficit procedure has not been started to date but you could call it a first shot that has been fired from that sears tool box that the european union has if countries. do not follow the rulebook of fiscal discipline here and so what happens next basically is this is the assessment of the european commission that there is a serious risk of noncompliance now essentially i spare you the long story twice you member states within the next couple of weeks will have to agree to that observation and it is only then that within the next half year if you want
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these fears penalties could come italy's way they still have time to react they will have to react with not just words but with action and that's a message for the interior minister salvini for instance who's been refusing the advice that the european union so far has been given reduce your debt we are open for dialogue with italy but that recommendation has not been followed and so now today the first step in that procedure has been taken so talk us through this this this or else in this reduce your debt or else we can do what. well the hope on the side of the europe uber european union always has been in this process of course that it's market pressure that will force italy's hands and the hand of interior minister salvini and and the italian government and that hasn't happened yet unfortunately from the perspective of the european union because the
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concern of course is if they will use the rulebook to slap italy's wrist and if finally big fines will come italy's way until the point where structural financial aid from the european union could be cut so we're talking billions of euros before that happens they hope that market pressure will force the italian government to move and it's a lengthy procedure of course that is taking place before the the fiscal mechanisms of the e.u. will act and of course the concern here is that this will give ammunition to the populace government that they will continue the plame game and say look the e.u. in their times of crisis in times of high debt all they can do is punish us matters in brussels thank you. and we'll have more on this budget crisis and what it means later in the program we'll turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world a claim photographer. has been released on bail from prison in bangladesh. three
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months after being arrested for making water authorities said were false and provocative statements about mass student protests the case is widely being seen as a test of free speech in the country. a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least fifty people and injured more than eighty police say the attack took place at a gathering of muslim scholars celebrating the birth dates of the prophet muhammad authorities struggling to identify the attackers after the taliban denied responsibility. british prime minister theresa may is having to brussels for meetings with e.u. officials asked for the side seat to finalize the terms of a deal because asians are expected to continue until a summit of european leaders on sunday. court of justice a german chancellor has forcefully defended her economic record and current policies during a lively debate in parliament the budget debate is traditionally an occasion for
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opposition parties to attack the government and they lost no time in making it clear that they thought i'm going to back holes government failed to tackle problems. it was chancellor angela merkel's first parliamentary speech since announcing she would step down as party leader and she was unusually passionate she vigorously defended the un migration pact saying acting internationally was the only way to solve global problems this is only that soon it's in on national interest to prove the conditions for both refugees on the one hand and employment migration on the other. this was a budget debate traditionally a chance for the opposition to attack the government's policies about the largest opposition party the far right. isn't the pressure itself stung by a scandal over compain donations the eye of these parliamentary co-leader lashed out more highly sought for out all this you have no right to criticize us on moral
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grounds but you know that get it out want to. step out of your glass house and start throwing stones you'll only hit yourself in the end they have america was unfaced see another nice thing about free debates is that everyone can talk about whatever they think is important to the country. small no position parties took the government to task for quarrelling and in action. you referred to all the people are sick of the coalition with its bad compromises and impasses it's clearly incapable of solving people's real problems mentioned solution. this coalition is like a self-help group it's concerned only with itself and not with the needs of society . after such unusually animated parliamentary exchanges politicians return to the rather drier task of discussing next year's budget. and
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staying in germany one of the last survivors of a little known concentration camp has been talking to detail about her experiences that the camp was built to punish teenage girls who fail to get in line with the nazi regime you don't lose them in the fear spoke to. scott who was sent back from poland. one morning there was a military roll call and they shouted what's your name we didn't know where they were taking us. they asked us what we had done and we said nothing so they left a wish to yeah they are moving it's stuck. to both of us the cards took me and my sister away but my mother was left alone it's too tough a concentration camp. that was the worst part. because memory remains very clear for certain events in her life she remembers exactly when
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aged fifteen years old she was separated from her mother in a concentration camp lutea was taken five hundred kilometers away to come on a special camp for girls she is now ninety two years old and is one of the last three survivors of a camp that had long been forgotten. it was such hard work we were young women and we didn't know how to do the work properly. we had to kneel down on the floor and. all the time. it was such hard work. that once i said i just wanted to lie down and never get up. you live in your. little remains today of
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a market which is ninety minutes drive north of berlin one thousand two hundred young women and girls were forced to work here may suffer daily you million somewhat you can used to not see medical experiments they were sent to the camp for behavior deemed anti-social by the nazi regime. some. examples of this behavior were girls who had a relationship with a foreigner which was by and. or girls who are part of the jobs and swing group known as swing youth and it's part of other youth groups of to that opposed to have their youth under against the nazi regime. even after the war the social stigma surrounding their anti-social status weighed heavy on the women many remained quiet about their suffering for decades and there were no survivors association set up and many have never received any compensation even today very
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little is known about. put decades. of never spoke about her experiences there just fifteen years ago and nearing eighty years old she found the strength to tell her family about her time and oka mark the shame she felt despite being a political prisoner remained with her for all those silent years the mission of their lives for all those years we thought we can't feel like this forever at some point people had to find out what happened in the camps at some point we had to let go. of the white house says it will not impose sanctions on saudi arabia for the murder of a us based journalist the cia's concluded that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond directed the murder of one of his critics jamal khashoggi president trump said the economic advantages of good relations with the kingdom outweighed all other considerations. it's been called a slap in the face to the cia u.s.
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president trump siding with saudi arabia against his own intelligence agencies the cia is reportedly confident the saudi crown prince was behind the murder of writer jamal khashoggi but trump says he's not risking washington's relationship with riyadh over the matter they did make a determination that he just like i said i think it was very baby maybe he did they did not make that assessment the cia is looked at it they've studied it a lot they have nothing definitive and the fact is maybe he did baby did right now we have oil prices in great shape i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being forward with saudi arabia so. these images show shock she entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second just before he was murdered in saudi arabia claims it
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was rogue agents who killed him they say crown prince mohammed bin solomon had nothing to do with it but misha it will come up. in washington turkey's foreign minister pressed for a full accounting of the killing after talks with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh. yeah it would rather be it is our right to get more information if there is an impossible the investigation comes to a standstill or we cannot fully cooperate then we may have to apply for an international inquiry. but even amid demands to punish saudi arabia over the killing trump's comments could end the debate over how his administration will respond to the matter the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia is highly profitable with billions of dollars and arms sales every year critics say that's allowing riyadh to get away with murder. now in sports germany's national football team has missed out on becoming
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a top seed for your no twenty twenty qualifying as follows poland's one all draw with portugal in the nation's league which means the poles take the final place in . germany found cells in part two on the guaranteed one elite opponent in that group when the euro draws made in december it's the latest setback in a woeful the if the germans after they crashed out of the world cup at the first hurdle were relegated in the new nations league. on the head of european football's governing body has said that's a super leak of the countries of the continent's top teams will not happen you have a president alexander was responding to recent reports from a german news magazine the big clubs the discussions about forming their own league it is missed the claims it's fiction and said football is not for sale. the news live from and still to come now the european commission has rejected the
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latest draft budget what happens next. facility will have that story on the rest of the day's business news in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour with the rest of the day's world news . i don't think that that well i guess sometimes i am but i'm saying nothing which just happens digs deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes quite a bit interesting to see these are two countries that i not. needed so you take from this ground on their own you know it's all about their new i might show
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join me to meet the germans on d.w. post.


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